1 X 90 Cm Polyester Tubular Lanyard With Lobster Claw (Normal Qualityï¼

Our plain blank lanyards are good quality and thick, You can print with your custom logo printed on it, you will get good value from this lanyard in any promotional events.

Polyester Tubular Lanyard

1 X 90 Cm Polyester Tubular Lanyard With Lobster Claw (Normal Qualityï¼ #UPOMZCE20

Wholesale Price in China

Quantity1,0002,000 3,0005,0006,010
Unit Price(USD) $0.11 $0.11 $0.11 $0.11 $0.1
Subtotal (USD) $110 $220 $330 $550 $601

Shipping Cost

Although the cost of products in China is cheap, but maybe we are thousands of kilometers away, we can arrange cargo transportation to your country, shipping cost depend on the cargo weight, volume, transportation way(by sea, air, railway or road) and delivery address.

Below is an air freight estimator to help you understand How the order quantity affects unit freight, use slider to change the order quantity. we recommend that you purchase more quantity to share the total shipping cost, so that the shipping cost of each unit will be reduced, welcome to contact us for more detail.

Economic Air Express Shipping Cost
Order quantiy
Total shipping cost USD
Unit shipping cost USD/pc


Category : lanyards

Themes : trade show, business, office

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