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China Sourcing Service

Are you looking for a China manufacturing and product sourcing strategy to cut manufacturing costs, stay ahead of the competition or improve quality over your current supplier?

Our China sourcing service caters to small and mid-size companies, we act as your representative in China, to get the best procurement and manufacturing solution. We help international buyers source Chinese products in a cost effective and hassle free way.

As a reliable purchase agent in Yiwu market of China, we provide professional sourcing, buying, loading and shipping services for our customers from all over the world, We have helped our customers successfully enlarge their business for 15 years. If you want to buy products with high quality, cheaper price, small quantity and immediately shipment in Yiwu market, please read following contents.

Custom Water Bottles - Product Sourcing

This is a water bottle manufacturing resource for your reference, our factory offers variaty of bottles, and custom made bottle is available to our customer. Welcome to visit water bottle factoy page for more pictures.

Yiwu Wholesale Market - Product Sourcing

Our company are working as expert purchase agent in China for you and we will supply you all our service as following:

China Sourcing Company

We provide a purchasing expertise for oversea companies which are looking for developing their sourcing in China. We enable our customers to achieve competitive advantage by working directly with Chinese suppliers without utilizing a trading company or other intermediary. Our approach allows our customers to leverage our purchasing expertise and experience in China.

We are an international team with western management. We understand international business requirements and the importance of meeting deliverables.

Our mission is based on the searching, evaluation and following of suppliers in line with customer expectations. Our policy is to represent our clients in their own interests just as if we were a purchasing department that was employed directly by your company. We can negotiate, define and contract the purchasing conditions defined by our customers and assist them for following their purchasing programs with the local suppliers awarded

Potential saving in China is attractive, but achieving effective management and control over your China supply chain purchases is critical. Most of our customers experienced difficulties with their purchasing in China, and they turn to us for the final realization.

If you are interested by sourcing in China, or you have any questions, comments, business cooperation offer, welcome to contact us.

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If you would like build partnership with us, sourcing products from China or custom made product request, welcome to contact us, thank you for the opportunity to work with you.


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